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Hello Friends & Family,

As you know 2009 has brought a twist to our home.  Brad was diagnosed with a brain tumor on January 6th.  We have enjoyed your phone calls, text messages and emails more than you will ever know…please keep them coming. 

We decided the best way for us to return the favor is to create a blog that can keep you all updated with news about Brad.  We will do our very best to update it frequently so there is an easy source of information for you.  The great news is Brad is one tough son-of-a-gun and he will beat this in no time! 

Thanks again for all of your friendship…and keep the contacts coming.



  1. Brad, we all know that you are from good “stock”. After all, you were born and bred in Texas! Even those of us who aren’t rednecks, ARE fighters!! This “thang” isn’t going to slow you down!

    We’re rootin’ for you down here! God bless you!

    Love to you and Laura!
    Cathy & Lyndell

  2. Dear Brad and Laura. I am praying so hard for you today and in the days to come. Your love for each other will lead you and your beautful spirits will carry you through. With Love, Kristi

  3. hi buddy,

    from the moment i met you i knew that you were a strong person and could take on any challenge that came up. even better is that you have an amazing woman at your side so your not doing it alone. not to mention the thousands of family and friends at your side as well. be strong. i love you guys.

  4. Brad,
    I just heard the news and wanted you to know that I will keep you and Laura in my prayers. Thank you so much for setting up the blog to keep everyone up to date. You guys are so far away, but please know that Graham will be sending lots of prayers your way. Keep your faith strong….
    Melynda Nesbitt-Cox
    GHS Class of ’88

  5. Brad,

    I received an email from a friend of mine that went to HS with you. Sorry to hear your diagnosis. Peg and I will keep you in our prayers.



  6. You know you’d better beat it so we don’t send your butt back to Mexico! luv u, luv me

  7. Brad,

    I just wanted to let you know you all are in my thoughts and prayers. you have lots of people back here in Graham lifting you and your family up in prayer. Looking at your pics you haven’t changed a bit since school.


  8. Brad,

    Ours thoughts and prayers are with you.

    A E K D B
    Cary Blair

  9. Hi Brad,

    I visited with you Mom this morning on the phone and now I’ve read your blog so I want you to know that I’ve been praying for you and Laura since I first heard the news from your Grandmama last week-end. I’m so glad that I can keep informed thru this site.

    I know how strong a man your are and that you will beat this thing with help from your doctors, your wife, your family, your huge host of friends and mostly, God.

    Sending my love to you and Laura (even though I’ve never met her, I know I will love her too).


  10. Happy Martin Luther King Day! This is everybody’s year, including you, Brad and Laura! The good news is this..you have done your research, asked the right people to pray, (which means everyone on the planet) and are finding time for fun. ATTITUDE is the key to success, and “success only comes before work” in the dictionary. So, congrats on doing the hard work, let GOD and the universe connect you to the spiritual strength you need to heal, and enjoy the beauty of the boat. You rock, you are amazing, and you already are beating this thing called cancer. Here in Missouri, we are praying in and out of the church building, lighting candles, meditating, going on nature hikes, and sending God our requests to have your surgery be a complete healing. May it be restorative to your body, and energizing in your spirit.
    Love you to pieces, Peg and Meg

  11. Wow I had no idea. You are one tough bastard and i know that everything will be fine.. hang in there and keep fighting.

  12. All is well here on Kintner Drive…Grant, Heidi & Lilly say a prayer every night and every morning for you Brad. Their message to you today is “Get better Uncle Brad”

    Now…I can only think what you would tell me Brad. “It is what it is and now it’s time to kick it’s butt!” Hang in there…and one more thing, I know you have “commited to it and will beat it”

    Love you both,


  13. will its now 1:10pm wens. hope everything is going to schedule. My prayers are with you Brad. Hang in there Laura. Love toni

  14. We are sending huge prayers. Please let us know if you need anything at all… Big Love, hugs and good vibes..from Ang and Kim

  15. Rock Brad! We are with you and your family back here in Austin!! Keep it up cowboy!

  16. What’s up there puppy balls! Gorman here. Kerri and I just want to wish you, your wife and both of your families the best. The recurring theme on your blog seems to be that you are one tough mo-fo and who am I to doubt that. You’re in our thoughts and our prayers everyday my brother. Keep doin’ what your doing.

    p.s. – i found some old school pics to check out when you have a moment…funny stuff.

  17. brad, you were a little guy who lived down on the corner while we growing up and now you are all grown up and i am old! i live in stephenville and your wonderful sister came by to have her veh. looked at and told me about your fight going on. i wanted to jump on the prayer wagon with you and everyone else and lift you and your wife up. i can tell by reading your blogs and comments from those who have known you since you have grown up you are a FIGHTER! tough times dont last but tough us TOUGH TEXANS do. we are redneck stock and thats ok. sending prayers and warm texas weather up your way….stay strong will be checking on you

  18. Naturally, good news around St. Patrick’s Day proves the Irish can get rid of snakes and tiny irritating brain bumps.. Congrats Brad on the excellent news. Laura, as far as keeping up with hubby biker on the trail, I thought I made it clear on your wedding week, let hime have the hills up, and you get to race him on the boards comin down the slopes! Sounds like you two are in perfect spirits and Guiness may just keep it all straight for now. Friend of mine, Annie, went deaf in one ear, 3 years ago. (We will not mention what concert she attended.) Anyways, we all prayed, her surgeon gave her a 50/50 chance of hearing again, so we all prayed even harder, and guess who is singing back in the saddle again! Loud and proud, She can hear so well, I have to tone it down. Good news for you, that same force of folks are now praying for the disappearance of your brain thing amidst good surgeons and zapping radiation! Love you both to pieces and Meg’s and I will be partying with you in celebration in June! Peggy

  19. Brad,
    Wow, Robyn told me about your last 6 months! I’m glad to see and hear that your doing well. You were always a tough guy so I had no doubt you’d pull through this too. I hope your loving Steamboat and keep up the incredible work that you do for the charity. Maybe one day we’ll to the ride to Steamboat.

    Sarah LaScola

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