Posted by: cusenbary | July 2, 2012

Where does the time go!

I cannot believe it has been six months since our last post – sorry about that!  I had a few different friends remind me the blog was a bit dated today, so I guess we have been going with the mantra that ‘No news is good news’!  

In 2012, Brad has gotten back on skis, back on a bike, riding his horse, working full time, and so much more.  It is really awesome to see all the progress.  I will do my best in a few quick paragraphs to give the update:

First things first – Brad has been feeling great!  There have been a few small hiccups along the way that we are managing.  Namely, his thyroid has been very confused – in November it decided to go on overdrive and then in January it threw in the towel.  Brad was either in the feather weight division or feeling exhausted in a matter of six weeks.  We have somewhat stabilized in the land of hypo-thyroid and seem to be getting things under control.  The docs are (and this is a quote) ‘stumped.’  Not sure what is triggering the issues but there is the grand assumption of a treatment side-effect so lets hope this fizzles out and goes back to normal soon.  It is funny when the doctor asked how he was feeling and his response was ‘fine’…she said anyone with his levels would struggle to get out of bed in the morning.  I started laughing and said ‘Fine is a relative term.  If you have been through what Brad has been through ‘FINE’ can mean lots of things…any of which are better than chemo treatments and brain surgery.”

And in fact he is MUCH better than fine.  Brad has been regaining his strength with the help of the gang and Johnson and Johnson PT, and adding a new trainer to the mix – Coach Deb is meeting with Brad once a week and the results are mind blowing.  She specializes in bridging the gap between PT and getting back in shape through home work outs.  I cannot believe the results he is seeing in such a short amount of time!  He can hold a plank pose, do lunges, and is working on 12 oz curls in his right hand!

It is a balancing act though.  Brad is loading the plate with work at Vanatta Outfitters, Garage Logic (they reopened!) and helping host the 8th annual Tour de Steamboat.  PLUS, taking care of his other lady (Miss Emily the horse), spending quality time with his ball and chain, chores around the house, etc.  There never seems to be a dull moment – so that is something we are working towards.  This weekend we actually managed to spend an evening at home relaxing in the backyard – he was very happy about that!  We both agreed that could be a nice agenda for July 14th, when we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.

July in Steamboat will be full throttle with a jam packed schedule of great events: two great friends are tying the knot on Saturday (congrats Dirk and Robin!), the Tour de Steamboat is July 21st (you can still sign up!), and we head to Jackson Hole for a family vacation at the end of the month.  I think the thing we are most excited about is Brad’s next scan on July 25th.  Brad has been off ALL meds since May 24th so we are anxious to see the proof that he is good to go without Avastin or steroids – please cross your fingers and toes!  Based on how he is feeling we are confident good news will be coming from the doctors and we will keep the momentum going forward.

I will post an update after the next scan at the end of the month, and will continue to post pictures on my Facebook page along the way.  Thank you all for the continued love and support.

Laura & Brad



  1. Hell ya LB! Bead sent you packing a long time ago. Take that!

  2. You go, Laura & Brad!
    Keep up the good work & I’ll keep up the prayers.
    Happy Anniversary & enjoy the quiet cuddling moments!!!

  3. Keeping track and keeping u in our prayers keep going dude.

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