Posted by: cusenbary | October 31, 2011

Keeping Up…

It is hard to believe that we are only a few days away from November – summer flew by at a surreal pace.  Brad is wrapping up another hunting season with Vanatta Outfitters, we have winterized the house, and kicked off our winter driving season with the first white-knuckle trip home from Denver (in typical Cusenbary fashion).

I think Brad is approaching winter with more optimism this year, as he has received a new getaway rig for him and his horse Emily.  A couple great friends, Pam and Steve Williams, were kind enough to think of Brad while they were visiting family in Pueblo, and found this great horse trailer – he now has it polished up and parked in the 146 driveway!  He is on cloud nine about the adventure mobile taking full-shape next summer…and overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of friends.

Since the last scan Brad has been tapering off his steroids in an effort to completely come off all the meds and get another step closer to normal.  After being on steroids for over 2+ years to help reduce the swelling around LB, his body is not producing steroids on its own right now.  We tested his cortisol level and found it to be very low, so the side-effects of fatigue, nausea, etc have set in.  It is a small set-back that is hopefully going to be corrected by incorporating a new brand of steroid that will get his levels back up and provide for an easier taper over the next few months.  It will take a month or so to kick in, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be feeling better soon.  Lord knows Brad is never slow to do anything!

Last week we spent a couple days in Denver working with a few rehab specialists for Brad’s leg and arm.  He got his quarterly Botox injection – feel free to compliment his smooth skin.  The botox has been great at releasing the tone/tension in his hand and leg.  Plus, we spent some time touching up his Bioness tools to get him  walking strong and giving knuckles with his right hand.

In two weeks we head back to Denver for an MRI.  As always the gut has started to twist, but I know in my heart we will continue to get good news…given a few minor hiccups along the way.  I will be sure to post the details as soon as I am able.

Thanks for your continued support…Keep the positive thoughts and prayers flying – we appreciate it.



  1. So good to see you guys on Halloween. Steve and I both said, Damn Brad is looking good. Lookin’ way skinny. Also, what a nice treat to get a horse trailer from some good friends. Tried my best to convince Steve that it is time for me to get a horse again this past summer. Try, try again for next summer. We may be ponying up next summer….yet.

  2. Thanks for the post, please update soon as you can after you have results from the MRI. Good Lord, your two are truly an inspiration. We’ll keep doing our part.
    Pam & Craig Walker

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