Posted by: cusenbary | March 10, 2011

On the move…

Spring is finally itching its way into the Yampa Valley – and this is truly a welcomed change of season.  Brad is on the move and we are ready for the snow to melt so he can take to the streets without the ice.  The Bioness is helping Brad walk with more ease and comfort than he has felt in over a year.  I am on the countdown to a dance lesson from my favorite two-stepper!  For those wondering how the Bioness works, it is a cuff that goes around Brad’s right calf muscle (just below his knee).  It has a sensor under his heal that signals the cuff to fire the muscles in his leg to lift his foot up when he is walking.

Speaking of the Bioness – I am sad to say we got denied by United Healthcare for the device.  We have been so fortunate to have everything covered thus far that we are both caught off guard with the news.  We are in the process of another appeal – my standard theory in arguing is in full swing:  when someone says No they simply want me to clarify my point over and over again until I beat them into submission.  I have no doubt in my mind the leg device trial will be a permanent addition to our treatment regime from here on out.  Although, I am somewhat hesitant to get overly riled up about this denial as United has covered EVERYTHING else…namely Avastin at $14,883 per dose (he gets infused every 3 weeks)…so if you have buy something this seems like a drop in the healthcare bucket (relatively speaking of course).

And for those who have spent any time around Brad recently, you have seen first hand the amazing strides Brad is making in his physical strength.  Within the next 5 weeks he will hopefully be 100% steroid free.  He is feeling stronger, more confident and excited about the future – working cattle in April with Buster, summer camping, and thoughts of a beach trip in June.  We are hopeFULL that this storm could be clearing out, and we can start blogging about really fun stuff like Charlie Sheen and politics.

Hope you are doing well.



  1. Ooohhhh…politics! I can hardly wait! Mostly, I’m beyond excited to hear, Brad, that you are continuing to respond to the avastin and the bioness. Life, as you know more than most, continues to be good! Anne

  2. still keeping up and praying for ya’ll(Georgian).

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